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When I become ‘Nah Du-Rim,’ I put shading powder all over my face and brighten my cheeks. ’ Lee Hong-Ki: I would date ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong.’ It is fun to make bad girls nice. Lee Hong-Ki: In the beginning, I tried to lower my voice tone to make my character more believable. Lee Hong-Ki: In ‘You’re Beautiful,’ I thought my voice in the OST wouldn’t affect the drama, but for this drama I had many scenes – so I declined in the beginning. He suggested I sing for the OST, so I got to do one. She was a boyish character, but when I met her in person she had a bright personality.

Lee Hong-Ki: Well, I can remember “You and I don’t have the same status.” It is an embarrassing thing to say as Lee Hong-Ki, but when I said it in the shoot, I felt like I became ‘Choi Gang-Ju.’ Many of the lines are the things you can’t say unless you’re that rich. Yang Jin-Sung: I saw the screening of the first and second episodes, and I could not look at my character. When I was acting out tough scenes without worrying about the next day, I felt my thirst for acting. Who would you choose as the ideal type between ‘Nah Du-Rim’ and ‘Jang Yi-Gyeong? Lee, did you have any challenges with your character? It would’ve been much easier with a positive character. OSTs sung by Lee Hong-Ki always becomes the issue – are you singing one this time? Lee Hong-Ki: I first saw Yang Jin-Sung in the drama ‘City Hunter.’ Min-Hwan in FT Island was an avid viewer, so I watched it with him.

The character of ‘Nah Du-Rim’ is a stubborn character – did you have any worries? While there were many challenging scenes, I had so much fun. We were able to cast my friend ‘Reiko Dakashima’ for the scene. It was said that this drama would be your turning point – how do you want to present yourself as an actor Lee Hong-Ki: The characters I’ve played so far were either idols or musicians. But I’d like to show that there is another side of me through this character. What was your impression for each other before the drama?

But I wasn’t confident in French, and asked if I could do Japanese which I can speak well.

which airs it’s final two episodes tonight and tomorrow.

Leads Lee Hong Ki of FT Island and Yang Jin Sung have come out to thank the cast, crew and fans, Hong Ki apologised for the delay in filming during the early stages of the drama but remained humble, ““.

After making her acting debut in the 2010 film Wedding Dress, Yang played supporting roles in various television dramas, such as the male protagonist's dead ex-girlfriend in Secret Love (2013).

She starred in her first leading turn (in dual roles) in the 2014 fantasy/romance series Bride of the Century.

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Cha Ji-Won (Lee Jin-Wook) is a UDT officer of the Navy Special Operations Force.

As I said before in one of my previous posts that even though Hong Ki and Jin Sung will no longer be on our screens, the rights to air the drama have been sold to numerous countries and a joint Chinese/Korean version will be in production soon.

Even though we are nearly at an end, our characters are not out of the woods yet, episode 14 ended with an epic cliffhanger, and then we didn’t even get to see a preview until Tuesday, which shows’ that the writers still have more angst in store for us, I’m honestly not sure if I like that or not, I think I’ve cried enough tears for Kang Joo in pain.

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