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Jhansi is located in the plateau of central India,an area dominated by rocky reliefs and minerals underneath the soil. Under an ambitious canal project(Rajghat canal), the government is constructing a network of canals for irrigation in Jhansi and Lalitpur and some area of Madhya Pradesh.

With reference to the statues of the Rani which all show her on horseback, there is a story that there is a convention that if the horse has both front feet off the ground then the rider died in battle, if it is just one foot the rider died of wounds received in battle, and with all four feet planted on the ground then the rider survived all battles. This plus the rough and sloping ground below must surely mean that any horse would have been killed, not to mention the rider. It is somewhat more likely that she left by the gate.Note : The information given in this page is based on data updated by NEET and Medical Council of India.The data may change based on the approval status of MCI.The fort standing in the hilly area shows that how the North Indian style of fort construction differentiated from that of the South.In South majority of the beautiful forts were built on the sea beds like the one at Bekal in Kerala Jhansi city has 77th rank among the most populated cities of India, according to 2001 Census. The region relies heavily on Monsoon rains for irrigation purposes.

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