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Mental Floss: 6 articles of clothing that caused riots 6.

A possible Pollock In 1992, Teri Horton, a retired truck driver, went to her local thrift store to buy a depressed friend a gag gift.

Despite its smaller size, the Strawn-Wagner stands out because it was given a "Perfect" rating by the American Gem Society -- the first diamond to ever receive such a high grade.She found a rather large painting -- 66 inches by 47 inches -- that she thought was pretty amusing because it was, in her opinion, so ugly.When she asked the thrift store employee the price, they said . In the end, her friend didn't want it (she, too, thought it was ugly, plus it wouldn't fit through the door of her trailer), so Teri took it home and tried to unload it at her garage sale.I emailed the Museum to ask if the painting was covering a hole in the wall, but I didn't get a reply. Every Sunday afternoon for the last seven years, Mary Hannaby had gone for a walk with her metal detector.Mental Floss: 6 really strange truck spills As you go in search of your nest egg, keep in mind the old adage: "It's only worth what the market will bear." Sometimes finding treasure is the easy part; finding someone willing to buy it can be the real challenge. She'd never really found anything of value, but she liked getting the exercise, so she kept at it.

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