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She would be a slave whore, forever learning to dutifully submit to men's demands. She felt safe to let go, because her husband was buying her.She allowed the idea to grow in her mind that she was an object for sale, and a stranger was about to purchase her.A moment of jealousy hit him, and he became afraid for her. He knew her large breasts stood out, but she was obviously posing to show them off.He wanted to whisk her away somewhere safe, away from these vultures ogling her naked body. These strangers were vying for her charms, yet it was him taking her home for an exciting weekend. Although he stood at the back, he could see her pubis had been shaved bare. The bidding was still vigorous, and so he hadn't raised the paddle with his bidder's number yet.Jack watched the reaction around him as his wife paraded around the stage. What or who convinced her to strip off for everyone to see her body?

The demure attitude, looking down, looking submissive, showed she would submit to whatever a master desired.

She wanted the men to desire her, and for them to bid for her. A sexual high gripped her mind filling it with fantasies.

She was an innocent slave-girl being auctioned to an unknown master.

The game goes wrong Barbara paraded around on stage as an item for sale.

A tinge of fear and humiliation worked upon her emotions, sending a thrill of chemicals to her brain.

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