Exudating wounds definition

Leg ulcer management presents a significant challenge to primary care, as not only is it costly in terms of resources, but is closely linked to social isolation and low mood.

Research has also demonstrated that lonely people are more likely to visit their GP, have higher use of medication, higher incidence of falls and increased risk factors for long-term care (Cohen et al, 2006), thus a greater impact on healthcare services.

This article examines current guidelines and best practice statements for the treatment and management of chronic venous leg ulcers (VLUs).

There is a need for continuous professional development (CPD) for community staff, who are constantly under pressure to maintain evidence-based practice when dealing with the complex, clinical and challenging environment associated with chronic venous leg ulcers.

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Treatment is mainly by surgery and caring for these wounds is generally undertaken by primary care practitioners. This article offers This article examines the differences in presentation, assessment and management of wounds in children compared with adults.The enhancement offers allied health providers with a more efficient claim lodgement process and improved work flow.The enhanced version of DVA Webclaim allows allied health providers to submit a greater number of services in a claim – an improvement on the previous version.The new streamlined version of DVA Webclaim is accessible via: ), Medical Providers have not been affected by the DVA Webclaim enhancement.DVA Webclaim is a no-cost online service that was developed to improve the claiming experience for practices lodging claims by paper.

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