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After the class, Jennifer and I walk towards the locker room. Sorry ..." "It's Jennifer Jones [not her real name]. I spend the remaining 40 minutes trying not to die. And it remains one of the most hardcore of the lot.The handsome businessman with a dark side, Christian Grey, mercilessly beats wide-eyed innocent literature student Anastasia Steele in vivid, brutal detail.

Background, I am a 38 year old high school teacher. In that time I've had sex with a number of my former students. She looks down and says, "I don't know." I slide my hand along her cheek and lift her head to meet my gaze. With my other hand I sweep the hair out of her eyes and say, "I do." "Ok" I summon a Lyft while I pay the check since neither of us are in a condition to drive. We make out while I carry her to the bed I share with my wife. I suck and bite her erect nipples and make her moan. She is laughing way too hard at my shitty jokes, touching my arm or chest each time. I say drinking after hot yoga may have been a bad choice. I ask her, "Well, should we make some more bad choices? I just moved this from innocent flirting to potential adultery. She whispers, "I can't believe I'm going home with Mr. Once we get in, I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me. I slide in my middle finger and start stroking her g-spot. I get off on seeing my wedding ring just outside her pussy, covered in her juices. She says she is in the same boat since her husband has 12 hours shift at the hospital. The combination of a couple drinks and the yoga make turns us into a couple of giggling drunks in under an hour. We end up sitting kitty corner with our chair almost pulled up next to each other. As we walk into my house, we try to act casually for the neighbors. We highlight some of the greatest climbers in our history along with their struggle ...See full summary » A shady male student transfers into a high school full of nubile young schoolgirls.

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