El zorro serie completa online dating

(6 episodes, 1958) Carlos Romero Romero Serrano / ...

(6 episodes, 1958-1961) Eduard Franz Gregorio Verdugo (5 episodes, 1958) Jay Novello Juan Greco (5 episodes, 1958) Joan Evans Leonar / ...

This version of Zorro bends history and places Zorro in a setting that at times is almost like an alternate reality.

There is a set of discs for sale on a site called NOVELAS R US, but the source of the episodes was Spain.

The NOVELAS R US discs do not have English captions!

122 chapters were filmed but Telemundo aired the 122 chapters as 112 episodes.

20 episodes were combined into 10 episodes that aired in 90 minute time slots, thus reducing the number of aired episodes by 10.

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