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) attitudes and views, as if our attitudes and views can’t withstand the challenge of different standards.

But perhaps some of our current attitudes and views need to be challenged, including our attitudes toward and views about nudity today which are almost exclusively associated with sexuality. Chapter 3 in my book is entitled, “Naked Bodies, Clothed Bodies.” Nakedness is a powerful religious and spiritual symbol.

(I actually first broached this topic of swimming naked at the YMCA in my “Frank Answer About Being Naked Before God.” It was written before I went to my class reunion, so the issue was probably on my mind when our class reunion guide brought it up.) Philosophically, I don’t think that the body is just something that we have, as if the real me is something other than the body (like the mind or the soul).

Rather, I was created as a body—a body with a mind and a soul. So it is a serious thing if the body becomes a source of shame because then we’re talking about my shame.

Today youth use steroids and consume protein shakes to bulk up in order to compare more favorably with ideal models.

Our society today tends to have crazy attitudes toward the body.

Maybe it was because in swimming we shed those school-issued shorts that accentuated skinny legs.

Reasons for this Blog Article Why would I even be interested in responding to the issue of naked swimming in the schools in the old days with a blog article? First, here was a practice most men experienced as recently as fifty years ago, and is a living memory for many of us, and people don’t know about it.

Some even deny it happened because it doesn’t fit our current cultural mores.

Men don’t talk about it even if they were comfortable with the practice because the reactions are usually negative.

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