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I'd also welcome any thoughts from Aquarian women on this - do you do it for the guys benefit, or do you just get bored too? When we are no longer interested in doing it, you should know that we are no longer interested in you.So enjoy her ways as much as you can, because if you show her you're not enjoying her as much as you use to, she'll let go of you I'm a Leo and happy to report I've had the exact same experience with my Aquarius lady! And yes you would never know by looking at me that I will make you scream for your momma, dadda and my name of course.How I like it depends on my mood; Sometimes sensual love-making sweet and romantic, but usually I like it hardcore (mmm).

Linda Goodman does say next to Librans Aquarians are the most attractive in the zodiac!! A scorpio - good sex and currently with my aries man for 8 yrs. MY HUBBY SURE KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE ME AND HE'S VERY ADVENTUROUS AS WELL. She loves wife swapping and loves to visit swing clubs. I have been reading your guys comments and i have to say that I am an Aquarius (Feb.8) and what I find about my friends is that they always tell me that I am different from any other girls!!! sex with my sagg man was extremely passionate and very intense, we love seducing our men with our dreamy mysterious eyes.

as an aquarian woman, i can say we dont do one-sided sex - i make sure he enjoys it like i do! BUT worth noting that if she is doing all this new stuff, She might be doing it for her own entertainment.

What I mean is that I can separate love and sex bit am more likely to finish if I am in love.

They just love life and people , there are no hidden agenda's . I can speak for most when I say this: WE R DIFFERENT We love to change it up, we'll try anything once and if we really enjoy it then we'll do it again. The most beautiful, mysterious, faithful, nice , sweet, unpredictable, original , always inventive, lovely, attractive woman is AQUARIUS , but you should give her freedom and a huge love what she really deserves from her. I started late, sexually; now I'm in my thirties, I'd love to have a man in my life like so many of you fortunate girls.

People always try to figure them out when really what you see is what you get. Love her , Live for her,be proud of her, care for her and she will be yours forever............:) Well of course we're sexy! Once you've had an Aquarian girl, you're gonna want her back! It sounds like the passion we hold inside is not just peculiar to me but to all aquarian ladies.

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